LED light for dairy parlor
LED lighting for dairy farms
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LED Lighting for Milking Parlors + Robots

LED Lighting for Milking Parlors + Robots

Under Udder brings bright LED light to a usually dim space, under the udder, and is engineered to withstand the daily wear and tear of the dairy industry. Its watertight seals, aluminum construction, Polycarbonate lens, and a chemical-resistant coating allows direct pressure washing and chemical contact, even on the electrical connections.

In most milking parlors, lighting is mounted on the ceiling, casting shadows under the cow and work area that can make it difficult for the milker to clean, inspect, and hook up milking equipment. In a parallel parlor, the Under Udder system is installed 12 to 18 inches directly behind the udder to aid in the placement of the milking cluster and ensure the health and cleanliness of the cow. Under Udder will also help improve cow loading time as the light placement reduces shadows and helps the cow relax.  

 Benefits of Under Udder: 

  • Watertight system 
  • Chemical resistant for easy cleaning 
  • Cost and energy-efficient LED bulbs 
  • Improved cow load time 
  • 3-year product warranty 

The Under Udder system can be installed in parallel, herringbone, or rotary parlors, and in most automatic milking systems (robots). 

MSRP for a standard, double-12 parlor is $4,500. Contact us for a custom estimate for your dairy. 

Under Udder is proudly manufactured in the USA.


Since installing our Under Udder LED Lighting system, our milkers are happier. The parlor is well-lit ensuring a cleaner work environment, and a better quality product.

Jordan den Dulk
Dairy Manager
Meadow Rock Dairy, LLC

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