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Say Goodbye to Shadows

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Lighting Dairy Farms

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LED High Bays

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LED Lighting for Dairy Farmers

The introduction of LED with it’s bright, crisp light changed the standard for lighting in every industry. In agriculture where animal health and cleanliness are the top priority, bright, clear LED light has made it easier for dairy farmers to catch injury and disease early. LED lighting in the right location has also helped farmers maintain clean udders, helping decrease somatic cell count and improving milk quality.  Controlling long- and short-day lighting will impact milk production, dry matter intake, and more.

Lighting for Cow Comfort and Cleanliness

It’s not enough to just swap out your old fluorescent bulbs with LEDs, the placement of the fixture matters. Mounting a fixture too high will cast shadows. In the parlor, holding pen and milking robot area, properly located lights can impact the cow’s ability to relax and load more efficiently. In the freestall barn feeding lane, shadows can discourage feeding. 

The Under Udder system is designed and installed at the ideal placement for cleanliness and cow comfort. Under Udder high bays and wall packs have a lumen output up to 21,000 and are clear white to encourage feeding and milk production.

LED Efficiency and Long-Term Savings

Under Udder LEDs provide dairy farmers the illumination they need in the milking parlor to clean, inspect, and process their dairy cows. Our high bay and wall pack lights installed in the barns will encourage feeding with long- and short-day lighting.  Our LED bulbs are more efficient over the long run, and the initial purchase is very affordable.

Since installing our Under Udder LED lighting system, our milkers are happier. The parlor is well-lit ensuring a cleaner work environment, and a better quality product.

Jordan den Dulk | Meadow Rock Dairy, LLC

We love the Under Udder lighting system. When I'm giving farm tours, the udder is illuminated allowing the public to see the milking process clearly. In the parlor, our milkers can see the udder better, providing a cleaner workspace.

Jill Houin I Homestead Dairy

The Under Udder lighting system is great. It enhances the environment, making it brighter for both employees and cows. Well worth the small cost.

Tajia Retzlaff I Retzlaff Century Farms

Getting LED light directly at the udder has improved our milkers' efficiency and ensured a clean work environment. We thought our parlor had great lighting before installing the Under Udder system, but the difference was huge. 

Andrew Folkema I A&R Farms

Double 12 Under Udder Install

We installed the Under Udder system in a double 12 at this West Michigan Dairy. The process is quick and easy, and the difference is immediate. Check it out!

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